Missing my daughter


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  1. Blackhorn33 says:

    Jeremy, you will always be in my prayers from this point forward.
    I am going to tell you something that almost no one has ever known:
    I woke up one day without the love of my wife, little did I know that I had never had it,
    it happens to couples all the time.
    One day I woke up without the love of my life, because he was no longer inside my wife,
    I blamed myself and have never quit crying.
    One day I woke up without the love of my life, because she was no longer inside my wife,
    I blamed myself and have never quit crying.
    One day I woke up without the love of my life, because he was no longer inside my wife,
    I blamed myself and have never quit crying.
    I sat on the side of the bed, like I had every morning, the tears hot, the sawed off shotgun’s handle firmly in my right hand, and again the memories of Our short time together played as they had since that first morning.
    I had never thought about it, because I knew I would never do it, and suddenly I knew I was being watched.
    My second son was quietly standing at my door, the tears hot, as he looked at his Father, the man he loves today, as he did so long ago.
    I unloaded the weapon and nodded, he flew into my arms, with his arms tightly around my neck, and I promised I would never do that again.
    When my 3 other sons woke up, we had breakfast together as we always did.
    My wife walked out and got into the person’s vehicle that I thought was my good friend.
    The lie was only 18 years long, but she killed me 3 times, and that was 2 of my sons and my daughter, whom I will hold in my arms and never let go one day soon.
    And YES, I believe I can hold all 7 at one time, because I have practiced every day for so many, many years.
    How could anyone think of hurting a Child, much less do it.
    Jeremy, the tears hot, as I think of you,
    I send all Good Things Your way. Please look for me when you cross the river, I will be waiting as I want you to meet several people close to my heart as you are….

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    • Thanks Robert, you really dont know how much those words means to me. Thank you

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      • Blackhorn33 says:

        My Good Friend, I happened across your blog upon coming to WordPress nearly 2 years ago, and I couldn’t bear to read your story. I read posts, was this story up then?
        I only read what I was sent to read, and the things these sub-humans do to Our Children makes it impossible to lay down and sleep for days.
        I nap in my chair, with The Boss watching over me, when I can, then finally my mind and body gives up.
        There aren’t a whole lot of parents like ourselves, although so many will argue the point.
        I’ve wanted to talk with you since our first meeting, although I am unsure how much meaningful communication there would or even could be at this point. But even so, I will be waiting, very close to the eastern gate, since I really have no desire to see that tree. You’ll like Frank, my Brother.


      • Robert, Maryna and I are married, our boys that i had long before madison, got abducted by the UK and a pedophile. While fighting that, the lady that gave me a daughter, decided that because i am back with Maryna she will withheld my daughter from me that was only 5 at the time. There is legal evidence linking Melissa and the pedophile who abducted my boys, so my fear for my daughter is real. I sat back and did not want to fight to hard as everyone lays the blame by us the parents and dont look into the system, the only people supporting us was people who went through the same. So I am being brave and fighting for it all now-

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      • Blackhorn33 says:

        My Friend, I have talked to several people your way, although I said I would not use your name until asked to do so.
        You are in my prayers Dear Jeremy
        Jeremy, I wish you to find Marcus Ampe on WordPress, he lives in Belgium, he is as you, a very Dear Friend whom we will meet across the river.


  2. indrasdad says:

    I understand your pain. I too was alienated from my daughter her mother feels that she doesn’t need a father figured did everything in her power to cut me out. Until I was given no choice but to terminate my parental rights in North Carolina. My ex-wife Paula Broms, did everything in her power to keep my daughter, Indra Margot Broms-Thier from me, vacations to Europe during my vistation, Vacation to Mexico this past year after the judge in NC stated it would be kidnapping!

    I have had very little contact with Indra since 2011, Indra has only visited me twice since then once in October 2011 and again in December 2013. Any phone calls, Skype chats were controlled by her mother or grandmother.

    Don’t Lose hope! Thanks for the shares!
    Indra’s Dad

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    • I know your pain, and now to see my 11 year old being paraded on Instagram, with followers of the Middle east my fear is growing for her safety, I will share any father´s story like mine or mother, who suffers the same. the sad thing is her mom remarried nearly straight away, just because i restarted my relationship with the mother of my sons, she started a hate attack. keeping my daughter away, i had to go back to court where she demanded money for her debt that was not even covered by the divorce debt she made afterwards, she never declared receipt of child support and hated it that i had all the proof that she was receiving it from myself, my work and when i was unemployed for 6 weeks from the state as well.


      • indrasdad says:

        My ex-wife has not re-married yet, she has too much money hiding in Sweden to risk anyone getting half. My ex-wife took me back to court all the time, made false police reports on me and my wife, also lied to all her friends slander me all in the name of Indra was being abused by me mentally which is false as well. She also went as far as to take and forge my name on a passport. I fear for Indra every day. But we are not the ones making the choices for them their mothers are.

        The mothers will have to pay the price in the end as well unless the mother’s control them into college and adulthood which I fear for Indra more so.

        I would be so scared for my daughter being in the Middle East with what they do to woman and girls is gross and uncalled for. I am praying for your daughter; that her mother did not marry someone from that area, for the region practices are not favorable for women.

        My ex-wife took me to court was able to get the highest allowed spousal support and child support having me to pay almost $1400 a month in support to her in North Carolina meanwhile I could barely afford to feed my then girlfriend and her daughter with another baby on the way which was unplanned but my son is the greatest gift god give me at the time.
        On top of that put a third party overnight guest in; so my live-in girlfriend and daughter could not be at our home when Indra was there since it was not Christan for the judge at the time. My divorce took almost two years. So I was unable to marry my girlfriend until my divorce was final in 2013, then her lawyer slowed the divorce down even more until it was final on June 28, 2013. However, since my girlfriend was pregnant with my child and I was legally married to my ex the judge held me to the standard of adultery. Hence another reason the support was so high.
        I was legally married so I was legally having affair even thou I was legally separated as of July 19, 2011. It’s all A JOKE if you ask me. My marriage to my ex-wife was a shame as was the divorce, my ex-wife stole anything worth of value from me. Then is breaking my heart by stealing and lying to Indra.

        Indra’s Dad

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