Living in a hollow

For 16 years I  suffered nothing but emotional abuse from Melissa Sue G. She deceived me cheated on me carried another man’s child claiming it is mine. I knew it was impossible.


Since 2006, she broke and violated every court order, while she still lived in Decatur i was the glorified babysitter.  She moved more than 40miles without court permission, the court orders is proof.


Then it became you can only see her when it suited Melissa. Then it become fuck off she is nothing to you, but a paycheck for Melissa.

In 2009 court, macon saw through her lies, asked for dna, gave me a credit as i paid all.monies Melissa wanted.

Still no visitation her then husband kept violating the orders.

I moved on and  left the USA. Got a job started a new life

Then the abuse started, 11 years of online abuse, threats, harassment, lies all started by Melissa.  She likes to tell people I live in a hell hole, no running water nothing.

She tells them i have a criminal usa record. Since 2017 she started again. Strangely on the eve of a 8 hour surgery. They decided to start.

I lost my vision in 2015 after struggling with Non hodgkin’s since 2011.

I lost my sight due to a tumor. The long healing process started. With it’s ups and downs and surgery after surgery.

My wife worked her arse off to keep me in hospital, to make sure the house is paid, then started making changes so that the house will suit my needs.

This is what a hollow looks like Melissa. A property owned by me, restored by my wife and friends.

I will live in this hollow to the end of my days





About madisonelizabethbaylis

Father of Kevin, Jenvey and Maddie. Being alienated from Maddie due to the fact that after her mother divorced me and remarried she cut me out of my daughter´s life. I then rekindled my relationship with the mother of my boys and since then Melissa is hell bend on allienating and abusing Maddie
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