Setting Boundaries

See, there's this thing called biology...

alcoholismSnagged this little meme from a friend because, yeah. It’s not just alcohol but any drug.

I hate addiction so much. It’s like a thief that comes to only to steal, kill, and destroy, and there is no future there, there is nothing at the end of it but death. But it doesn’t just steal your life, it steals the lives of those who care about you, those who need you.

Somebody smart once told me that those who love addicts get to go through the whole addiction process, just without the anesthesia. We get to feel every little thing you don’t even remember. It’s excruciatingly painful.

Addicts don’t care. They can’t care, they are too consumed by their own suffering to see anybody else’s pain, the pain they have caused. It really is a disease that makes you too selfish too see the destruction you’ve caused, the lives you’ve…

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Father of Kevin, Jenvey and Maddie. Being alienated from Maddie due to the fact that after her mother divorced me and remarried she cut me out of my daughter´s life. I then rekindled my relationship with the mother of my boys and since then Melissa is hell bend on allienating and abusing Maddie
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