WhittingtonCari.com launched to allow people to understand the truth behind notorious Child Abduction gang leader Adam Whittington

ABP World Group - Parental Abduction Recovery & Kidnapping Recovery


It seems that Mr. Adam Whittington CEO of CARI and Project Rescue Children (PRC) is being called out.  He has been on a hate mission against anyone that he fears may be taking away his business for many years now.  Adam Whittington has posted slanderous  statements against those he considers “foes” for many years and the evidence is posted on a new website that has links to proof of all of the claims made by it.

Mr. Whittington has notoriously posted defamatory statements against the individuals behind this site as well as his previous clients, attorney’s, and even people he considers “friends.”

This site is being shared not in an attempt to in anyway discredit Adam Whittington or his company Child Abduction Recovery International.  With the evidence the site shares, Mr. Whittington has done that for himself.  If you investigate you’ll see that he has been accused of rape,

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Father of Kevin, Jenvey and Maddie. Being alienated from Maddie due to the fact that after her mother divorced me and remarried she cut me out of my daughter´s life. I then rekindled my relationship with the mother of my boys and since then Melissa is hell bend on allienating and abusing Maddie
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