Court…slapped with restraining order…..a must read

Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

Ok so on may 11th 2017, my wife and I were in court for a restraining order that my ex had filed. There was a copy sent to the school in fear that I am going to do something. My wife’s was plain and boring, mine had domestic violence and she said I showed up at her house on April 29th at 9:09pm.

Well my lawyer and I went in to the court room we sat there a little bit listed to some people who were definitely in need of help and not filing false reports. So we go up and my lawyer objects to everything and the judge doesn’t  like it and lets her ramble on about my first amendment rights and how I am stalking them and how they fear for their safety and their lives. Finally the judge asks us to step down so he can hear…

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About madisonelizabethbaylis

Father of Kevin, Jenvey and Maddie. Being alienated from Maddie due to the fact that after her mother divorced me and remarried she cut me out of my daughter´s life. I then rekindled my relationship with the mother of my boys and since then Melissa is hell bend on allienating and abusing Maddie
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