HE LIFTS US UP: DECEPTIONS… Beware of Lies and Manipulations (John8:32)


tangled-web I previously wrote a posting,  “Beware… The Web of Liars and Deceivers”:

Oh, what beautiful webs are weaved,
By those who plan to deceive!
A pinch of truth here and there,
but overall deception everywhere.

According to Wikipedia, “Deception or deceit are acts to promote beliefs that are not true, or not the whole truth (as in half-truths or omission). It leads to feelings of betrayal and distrust.”

So, I want to talk to you about the lies and manipulations that are part of deception. The words seem so true. The stories seem so logical. But,  bits and pieces of false information fit right into the true information to make the entire statement seem truthful. This is all done intentionally to manipulate the unsuspecting “victims” and to benefit the liar or manipulator through this deception. Unfortunately, those who are truthful and innocent victims do not suspect that they are being…

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Father of Kevin, Jenvey and Maddie. Being alienated from Maddie due to the fact that after her mother divorced me and remarried she cut me out of my daughter´s life. I then rekindled my relationship with the mother of my boys and since then Melissa is hell bend on allienating and abusing Maddie
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