Health update

Due to the continue bad health of Jeremy, the admin team and his care team, will continue to manage his wordpress, Fb page in memory of Madison and his personal Facebook.

He needs to concentrate on his recovery and spending this time with his young family.

For any personal queries contact the FB page or the WordPress site directly. Do not contact his wife and children directly respect them at this time

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Christmas Planning – Day One

Parental Alienation

Every year I compile a list of positive actions to do in the lead up to the Christmas holidays.

It is a very difficult time for those of us who are going through Parental Alienation. Having been through it myself for 23 years I have found many inventive ways of spending my time leading up to, and during the Christmas festivities.

Why not think about volunteering overseas?

One of the organisations you could get involved with is VSO.

Volunteer abroad with VSO

If you are an experienced professional of any age, you can find out more about volunteering with us on this page.

We also have programmes for 18-35 year olds (ICS) and for organisations interested in providing corporate volunteering opportunities for their employees

If you are interested in volunteering locally, please contact the VSO office in your country of residence.

Raleigh International also offer  opportunities for over 25 overseas

Aged between…

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Sticky Note From God ~12.05.19~

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I’ll Never Forsake You ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

I’ll never leave or forsake you,
for you I will always care
I understand your feelings
how much you have to bear.

I’ll never leave or desert you,
even when you think I’m far away
I know each step you have taken
I have been with you all the way.

I’ll never leave of depart from you,
I am always right here near by
I know what you’ve been through
in my bottle are the tears you cry.

I’ll never leave or quit on you,
even though you feel I’m not there
I’m always watching out for you
you have always been in My care.

I’ll never leave or forsake you,
your every thought I know and see
I’m always here to listen to you . . .
now can you say the same ~ for Me?


John 10:27

“My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them,

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Once a curse but now a blessing

From The Darkness Into The Light

‘And it shall come to pass, that as ye were a curse among the heathen, O house of Judah, and house of Israel; so will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing: fear not, but let your hands be strong.’ Zechariah 8:13

Suggested Further Reading: Romans 11:13–24

In the dark ages, to be a Jew was to be deserving of all scorn and cruelty, and of no pity or consideration. To what exactions, to what fines, to what imprisonments and tortures, have not the sons of Jacob been subjected by the professed followers of the Messiah? It is perhaps the greatest of all modern miracles, that there should be one Jew upon earth who is a Christian, for the treatment they have received from pretended Christians has been enough to make them hate the name of Jesus; it has not been simply villainous, but diabolical. Devils in hell…

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Mind Games People Play | Psychoanalysis Now

Parental Alienation

We play mind games because it makes us feel powerful and allows us to avoid taking responsibility for our feelings. The drawback of playing mind games is that you never really have an authentic relationship with people and thus never feel a deep loving connection that comes from honesty and trust.

Below are seven common mind games.

1 – Disqualifying.This is a method of saying something hurtful to someone and then, when they become hurt, doing a double-whammy by making it seem you didn’t at all mean what they thought you meant. You may say to someone, “Sometimes you’re so gullible.” If the person becomes hurt (which you consciously or unconsciously want), you reply, “Oh, I was just joking. Sometimes you’re so over-sensitive.” Not only do you hurt them once, but you hurt them twice, by disqualifying what you first said and then insulting them. This can make the…

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3 Mind Games Every Single Toxic Person Plays With You

Parental Alienation

They have personality and mental disorders and they need professional help. The last thing you need is to ruin yourself by trying to figure out him/her and giving your all in order to help them.

Now that we have that clear, here are the three mind games toxic people play with you.

Game #1: Gain, Preserve or Acquire Control

Toxic people are all about control—if they don’t have control over other people, they have nothing.

If they can elicit a particular response from you or move you to do what they want, this gives them the feeling of power that they are looking for. This makes them feel like they are in control over the situation and it also gives them the feeling of power over you.

What’s the story behind this? Toxic people need to have control everywhere, but if they can’t get it wherever they want it, they’ll…

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How Narcissists Play Mind Games to Make You Think the Problem is You | Fairy Tale Shadows

Parental Alienation

This is how narcissists play mind games.

They call it “morally equivalent,” the things they incite in the dramatic production they’re scripting off-stage while we wander through the storybook they dropped us into, wondering how things veered so sharply off-course.

Or worse, the imaginary things, the shadows they project onto us of their own behavior. The cheating. The lying. The stalking. The abusive and predatory actions. The contradictions. The controlling manipulations. The jealous attitude.

They manufacture emotions that look and feel like monstrosities in our own repertoire, then call us monsters for reflecting back to them what they wanted to incite or expected to see all along.

They create worlds for themselves in which no one can be trusted by acting themselves in an untrustworthy manner, and then trapping you into reacting to being betrayed.

These are all just narcissist mind games.

Everything they say, everything they do, ends up…

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How Narcissists Play Mind Games to Make You Think the Problem is You

Parental Alienation

If narcissists are so self-absorbed and use people to boost their self-esteem, you may wonder: Am I no different than the narcissist, since the excessive love-bombing that he or she used was so effective on me?

The tactics that they used to love-bomb you are intentionally designed to make you vulnerable and will psychologically elicit love, appreciation, trust and a sense of obligation from anyone. They used they on you to elicit that love from you for themselves.

They are the same tactics used by cults to indoctrinate. In fact, the very term “love-bombing”was originally used by the Unification Church (the “Moonies”), although they insisted it is genuine and it was critics of religious “love-bombers” who insist there are ulterior motives.

Either way, you are not a narcissist for responding psychologically to the way tactics such as “mirroring” naturally entice someone to like you. There is even a…

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Head Fuckery | SociopathHell.Com

Parental Alienation

This is a fairly strong titled post….and apologies upfront to anyone offended by the title. The reason this is titled Head Fuckery is that isexactlywhat a Narcissist Sociopath does with their blame, lies, deceit, emotional blackmail, deflection/projection, abuse and so on.

How does Head Fuckery work?

  • ask a direct question~ get lies in return
  • abuse~ mental/emotional/physical and financial
  • turning their unacceptable behaviour into youare actually the one acting inappropriate
  • denial, denial, denial~ never do they accept accountability {yet you are to be 100% accountable}
  • hypercritical~ about most everything & everyone
  • falsely accuse you of things and/or events that theyactually did and/or said
  • fault blaming~ they can point out every single fault they perceive you have
  • intentionallycausing pain~ and then denying they did.
  • displays of limited emotional connection to a person or place

Being involved with a Narcissistic Sociopath is like getting into a washing machine…

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Inspirational Song For Today: I Raise A Hallelujah

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

See the source image

Let us all live a life of praising the Lord….
and just watch what He will do for us.

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